Owner Tamara Gardner decides to become a "corporate refugee"  



Opens a strategy coaching and consulting firm for small businesses

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2017:  Becomes Founder of the online brand "Be Boldacious" 



Finally snaps out of corporate mode and embraces creative side...opens Boldly-Branded 


Hello and welcome!

​Let me get this out of the way...I am OBSESSED with words and visuals that jump off the page or screen.  My addiction started at a young age when my Aunt Alice gave me a Holly Hobbie journal to write and draw in.  I was hooked.  It may explain the INFJ thing... 


My obsession caught fire in college and expanded to the art of public speaking.  I love words that influence, visuals that evoke emotion, and powerful presentations.  Since then, those things have become my “secret sauce” personally and professionally, and I know from experience how important having a strong brand is in business and in your career.  And now, after two years of coaching businesses and professionals to get strategic about their growth – I’m leaning my brand and business on it.

That's the whimsy of it.  It's also a pretty bullet-proof business strategy.  I know this because the biggest challenge my coaching clients faced was this:  if they couldn't be found easily online with a cohesive look and clear messaging that inspired action, they faced a huge barrier to growth.  Then, there was an even bigger problem:  finding a solution.  It is near impossible to invest the time needed to identify (and then manage) multiple vendors they could count on to stay on the same page and produce a consistent look, feel, and message. 

I’m here to solve that problem.  Whether it’s an event or campaign, a business or professional brand, or anything that needs a "visual voice" – you should call me. 


Why?  Most importantly, I have extensive professional experience in strategically crafting communications and media to visually and verbally promote an idea, vision, or brand.  Simply stated, hiring me is like hiring a strategic coach, copywriter, and designer all in one.  Bonus: you can be assured that your vision and sanity won’t get lost in endless meetings with multiple companies.  


Three additional reasons to work with me:

NO EGO MANIA:  Speaking of ego, I keep mine in check.  I adapt my work to your vision and goals. You can absolutely count on unique, customized messaging and design.


DOWN TO EARTH HUMAN:  I dropped the power suit and corporate jargon the minute I became my own boss.  Based on client feedback you will find my style to be professional yet down to earth, collaborative, direct, accessible, calm, and "gently challenging" when I know you’ll see benefit...always with a sense of humor and a smile.

QUALITY COMMITTED: Your brand becomes part of MY brand, and that is NOT something I take lightly. I will work on your project with the same investment of time and energy that I work on my own.  That is a promise.


So, let's talk and see if it makes sense to work together - no pressure.




Tamara Gardner is a corporate refugee and  entrepreneur known as a brand evangelist, author and professional speaker working and residing on the South Shore in Massachusetts.  As the owner of Boldly-Branded, she focuses on harnessing the power of words and “scroll stopping” visuals to help businesses, professionals, and event promoters communicate their brand and value strategically and powerfully. 

After evolving from a well-behaved southern girl to more of a “Julia Sugerbaker” kind of woman, Tamara sought to pay forward her lessons and founded the now viral online brand Be BOLDacious  to start a revolution of women comfortable with being real and “tossing the script” society gave them on who they “should” be.  

Tamara’s life and career have gifted her with highly relatable, in-the trenches experience overcoming personal challenges, navigating the corporate hunger games, and learning lessons from the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur.  As a result, she embraces every opportunity to pay forward her own teachable moments and is considered a witty realist who inspires a call to action in everyone she encounters.

From the pages of her first Holly Hobbie journal to now, Tamara has always been an avid writer with a love for visual impact.  She has been published personally and professionally in a variety of print and online media.  In 2017 Tamara authored and published Time to Thrive, a planner, goal tracker, and bullet journal and is currently writing her first book.  Tamara has also organically become a highly regarded speaker with a reputation for using humorous stories, provocative questions and a realistic perspective to engage, motivate, and educate her audiences.

Personally, Tamara is known to be a cross between Brene’ Brown, Olivia Pope, and “TinAmy FeyPoehler” but deep down actually relates more to most Melissa McCarthy characters.  She is obsessed with NFL football, competitive lawn sports, and would likely become an agoraphobic mute on if she ever lost her hearing because music gives her life.  Her biggest champion and grounding wire is her husband Jim, who she loves going home to every day in Braintree where they met “15 years or so” ago in high school. 

"If you haven’t hired Tamara yet – DO IT!  She has a wealth of experience that allows her to assess situations and provide recommendations from multiple lenses all while maintaining what is practical and feasible for her clients.  She quickly gains insight, is direct in her questions and feedback, and approaches our work with a unique mix of professionalism, accessibility, and humor. Hands-down one of the best investments I’ve made for myself and for my business!"    

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