Goal Setting: It’s Time to Break the Cycle

Every December, every January. You just can’t escape the focus on goals. Your manager requires them from you. The New Year demands them just by tradition alone. So, you dutifully make your bold declarations of exactly what you aspire to do. And there is a small window where you feel empowered, focused, and 100 percent capable of achieving them.

But here’s the sad truth: odds are, you are one of the 92 percent of people that set goals and never achieve them. That's according to research by the University of Scranton. Over time, it becomes a destructive pattern of a “why try if I know I’ll fail” mindset.

How is that cycle impacting you? What happens when you start to doubt your commitment and/or ability to set and meet a goal even before you try? The negative impact of continuously setting goals and failing to achieve them can prove to be a destructive ripple throughout every aspect of your life – your career, self-image, relationships. It impacts your self-image, your performance, and your confidence. And trust me, people notice.

Now, say it with me: It’s time to break the cycle, change the narrative, and GET PSYCHED for the amazing things I can accomplish in 2018!

What I’ve learned through the success of my clients is this: the more specific and meaningful your goals are, the higher your motivation towards hitting them. Goals without a plan to achieve them is basically nothing more than a wish for things to change. Even the most bold and audacious goals can be achieved if you focus on executing a PLAN anchored to a change that will truly benefit you.

Now you may be thinking…” Blah, blah, blah I’ve heard this all before”. But have you acted on it? Try this on for size. Take any wish for change you have and answer the following:

1. My _____________ will improve if I change ____________ in the following ways:

2. Why is this important to me?

3. Is this a ‘need’ or a ‘want’?

4. Why am I motivated to do this?

5. I will know I’ve been successful when…

6. How will I feel if I fail?

7. Who & what will I need as resources?

8. What do I need to do regularly to achieve this? Daily, monthly, quarterly?

9. What are the specific tasks I need to complete to reach my goal?

10. How will I measure my progress?

11. Who can I trust to be my accountability partner?

12. How will I reward myself for my success?

Now write it down – lock the tasks into your calendar. It’s time to own this!

Feels a little different than simply stating your good intentions, right? The trick is to put yourself in control of the goal. Change the narrative of your thinking and start to look at goal setting not as an obligatory annual exercise, but a targeted plan to get what you want out of your life and career.

Trust matter how many times you've failed to make a change, you can break the cycle and become the CEO of your life and career. You've got all of the power - just take it!

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